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  • How can I book an appointment?
    Please email Cosmin at to book a complimentary 15 minutes phone conversation. During this phone call we can determine together how best to move forward. Alternatively, if you prefer email, we can converse by email - please note that email is not a secure method of communication.
  • What are your rates?
    For therapy and consultations services my fee is $200/hr. Please contact me to discuss assessments fees. I offer pro-bono consultations on a regular basis. Email me at for more details.
  • Who can refer my child for your services?
    I do NOT need a referral. While family doctors and pediatricians routinely refer children, caregivers can refer their children directly by email - or by phone - (639) 994 7894.
  • Do you travel for services?
    I provided services in a variety of settings all over Saskatchewan: - At times, I travel to First Nations communities and conduct assessments in First Nations schools. - When developing home programs for children with autism spectrum disorder or other requirements, I frequently travel to child's home or school. I also provide services through a secure telehealth platform when travel costs are prohibitive. There is a travel fee that covers transportation costs.
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